Our systems

Our system

High quality affordable housing

In order to provide high quality, affordable housing and placemaking, centred around people and community, we combine the benefits of Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) with volumetric construction, within controlled factory conditions, on site. We see this process as the ‘manufacture of housing’ and call it Offsite/Onsite.

We employ a unique process of bringing  SIPs from our supply partner Hemsec, as well as all products, services and finishes required, to our flying factory on each development construction site, to be assembled into modules, prior to being taken to their plot. This differs from other SIPs based methods as the panels are not erected on the plot, saving time, preliminaries and ensuring quality. Our innovative approach also significantly reduces embodied carbon in transportation miles.

Within the flying factory, we use an innovative process of assembling walls, floors and ceiling or roof components to produce a complete storey, ground, first floor and roof module. 

We then fit out each module with products, services and finishes, using local trades providing a fully finished floor, inside and out.

These modules are then ‘air glided’ from the factory to the yard, lifted onto a lorry, which then takes them the short distance on site to the plot, which has foundations already assembled.

The modules are then lifted by crane into position, with finishing connection details completed.

Our process leads to better performing buildings that can be constructed faster, safer, to a higher standard and more economically than traditional construction methods.

“The temporary factories are sized to be able to produce five complete homes per week.”

With traditional methods of construction, delivery is often impacted by the UK weather and typically the performance gap exists between predicted and actual performance due to the limitations of control on site between various trades. Low Carbon Construction can avoid these issues.

Technical information

Structural Insulated Panels are high performance, lightweight prefabricated panels that can be used in floors, walls and roofs.

Energy efficiency
To achieve an energy-efficient building, three main categories of performance need to be addressed.

Acoustic properties
Noise transmission from both the interior to exterior and exterior to interior of a building is measured and analysed.

All structures have to comply with the fire performance requirements set out by the Building Regulations.

Our building system can be insured by most major warranty providers, as well as having CE, BBA and BM Trada certification.

Supply partners
All our supply partners provide their own individual warranties which vary from partner to partner and are subject to change.


Press and media

We welcome press enquiries, and can furnish you with unbiased views for your commentary pages, ready-created material including photography, as well as making our spokespeople available for interview.


The environment

In the context of the climate emergency, current standards do not go far enough to address this very urgent problem. Affordable energy efficient buildings with low energy requirements and low embodied carbon materials are paramount to contribute towards lower emissions.


A financial helping hand

Our ethos now extends to our financial assistance – arranged by Low Carbon Construction Finance – who are able to offer a vast range of residential and commercial mortgage solutions tailored to individual circumstances.