Homes for good, not greed

Homes for need,
not greed

Low Carbon Construction is a national housebuilder and industry disrupter, able to manufacture limitless housing stock using our revolutionary Offsite/Onsite production method.

Acknowledging the urgent need to provide affordable housing across the UK we have established a viable affordable housing strategy using Modern Methods of Construction and are backed by a 70-strong supply chain.

Our homes are truly

Our homes can be constructed faster.
Our homes are factory manufactured to ensure quality.
Communal Connections
Communal connections
We provide places for people to come together.
Fabric First
Fabric first
Our homes are designed on fabric first principles.
Volumetric Modular
Volumetric modular
Our homes benefit from innovative volumetric SIPs.
Waste Reduction
Waste reduction
Our communities and our methods are designed to reduce waste.
Communal Spaces
Communal spaces
Our homes are arranged around high quality green spaces.
People First
People first
Our communities are designed around people.

A lack of affordable homes

The UK Government’s target of building 300,000 homes per annum by the mid 2020s has been widely publicised but the net figure for the financial year 2020/21 was 216,490, down 11% on the previous year, the lowest level for 5 years.

Fundamental to solving the housing crisis is to provide truly affordable homes for varied age groups, to create community, underpinned by new mechanisms.

Sajid Javid, when he was Communities Secretary, said “The housing market in this country is broken and the solution means building more houses in the places that people want to live.”

Solution: We are the only developer who is able to fulfil this need in the volume required.

Boris Johnson in his Housing Speech in June 2022 said “While the people of this country overwhelmingly want the chance to own their own home, for too many the finance required is simply not available.”

Solution: Our homes are the same affordable price no matter where they are in the country and what’s more we offer a financial helping hand. (Press the ‘Find out More’ tab at the bottom of this page).

The housing crisis deepens

Housing Crisis

All of the major house builders in the UK simply cannot afford to deliver affordable housing and cannot continue to be ‘forced’ into building uneconomic homes, inevitably raising pricing to compensate. It is well publicised that these companies actively ‘avoid’ social housing provision wherever possible for the very real reason of economic survival. Therefore the homes that people truly need and can afford are not being provided.

We can see this simply does not work.

Solution: On large sites we can produce developers’ affordable housing provision.

Where people want to live






The ten characteristics of places where people want to live, according to the RIBA.
The right place for the right housing.
A place to start and a place to stay.
A place which fosters a sense of belonging.
A place to live in nature.
A real place to enjoy and be proud of.






A place with a choice of homes.
A place with unique and lasting appeal.
A place where people feel at home.
A sustainable place for future generations.
A place where people thrive.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to provide the most affordable, sustainable, quality homes and commercial buildings possible.

Everyone deserves the security of a safe, quality home that they can afford to heat and maintain, yet millions in the UK simply do not have this as a fundamental sanctuary. Our mission is to meet the challenge faced by first time buyers, those on low incomes, key workers, retirees and all those who struggle to establish a real home that they can afford, either to rent or to purchase, by creating truly affordable, high quality, low carbon housing.

The problems are deep-rooted within the entire process of providing affordable housing, from planning through slow and costly construction methods, to ‘right to buy’, which effectively removes affordable housing stock from the market.

A balanced housing market is of critical importance in creating sustainable communities and we believe it should be integral to all development site planning. We are pioneering in this, and anticipate that the market will follow.


Press and media

We welcome press enquiries, and can furnish you with unbiased views for your commentary pages, ready-created material including photography, as well as making our spokespeople available for interview.


The environment

In the context of the climate emergency, current standards do not go far enough to address this very urgent problem. Affordable energy efficient buildings with low energy requirements and low embodied carbon materials are paramount to contribute towards lower emissions.


A financial helping hand

Our ethos now extends to our financial assistance – arranged by Low Carbon Construction Finance – who are able to offer a vast range of residential and commercial mortgage solutions tailored to individual circumstances.