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housing strategy

Frustrated with the continued lack of affordable housing provision across the UK, we have adopted our own direct affordable housing strategy that creates new housing and communities in a way not seen before.

In May 2017, LCC adopted its own affordable housing strategy which is constantly being updated. The main aim of this strategy is to provide access to an affordable, quality and sustainable home within the means of those who are in need of such housing.

Our sustainability features dramatically reduce utility bills, and numerous ways have been developed for those wanting to buy or rent, in order to have the house they deserve. Five key objectives are set within this overall aim. Together they all under-pin our strategy, which seeks to ensure the provision of affordable housing.

The problem

In research carried out by Heriot-Watt University on behalf of the National Housing Federation and reported by the BBC in September 2019 ‘an estimated 8.4 million people in England are living in an unaffordable, insecure or unsuitable home.’

Some people may have more than one of these housing problems, the federation said. The Joseph Rowntree Foundation and Shelter are among many other organisations who have reported on the problems faced.

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people are living in an overcrowded home.
0 m
people are unable to afford their rent or mortgage.
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people are in ‘hidden households’ they cannot afford to move out of, including house shares, adults living with their parents, or people living with an ex-partner.
0 m
people are in unsuitable housing, such as older people stuck in homes they cannot get around in, and families in properties which have no outside space.
0 m
people are in poor quality homes.
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people are homeless or at risk of homelessness – including people sleeping rough, living in homeless shelters, in temporary accommodation or are sofa-surfing.

Our aims







We seek to ensure the provision of affordable housing…
Across all tenures within the UK thus working towards achieving a balanced housing market.
That is located in sustainable, new or existing communities within a balanced housing market that provides a mix of housing of different sizes, types and tenures to meet local needs.
That provides value for money and the best use of public resources where such funds have been made available in high value land areas.
That is well designed and of a high quality and produced using modern methods of construction (MMC).
That is well managed and is available long term.

Construction and
home safety



Development experience
Nationwide pricing

helping hand


Social value

The effects on community, health and well-being

Having an excellent quality home and achieving social value is central to our vision. We believe that having a well-built, comfortable and efficient home within a supportive community fosters health and well-being, leading to the opportunity to thrive in other areas such as education. As part of our approach, we aim to provide affordable tenures for rental, homeowners, key workers and our interpretation of shared ownership.

We are invested for the long term in the developments we undertake, with a management role. We will develop an LCC Development Trust for each community
with a focus on residents.

A lack of affordable homes

Legacy and stewardship
We want to create a legacy in all of our developments.

We foster placemaking that creates safe neighbourhoods.

We want to ensure our communities are accessible for all.

We orchestrate the infrastructure for communities to grow and thrive.

We stay involved in the background to ensure management of common areas are well served.

We believe that with a quality home, community and place to live, children can thrive in their education.

We believe that the communities we create should enable good health and well-being.

We see nature as integral to the quality of place and therefore include varying scales of green and open space.

Land and joint venture

Whether a landowner, local authority, housing association or private builder, when an organisation allocates land to LCC, we take full responsibility for delivering 100% affordable homes. Our funding policy means that we can enter an agreement where there is no cost to our partner.

The homes are built under a unique agreement which means they are sold or rented at a flat rate regardless of where they are sited in the UK. The homes remain affordable in perpetuity. Thus, they are not targeted by speculators but purchased and lived in by people who genuinely require affordable homes. We aim to use a number of ways to acquire land across the UK.

High-value land areas: Where financial assistance/subsidy is needed.
Where central/local government financial assistance or land subsidy is needed in order to deliver our buildings at our standard national price.

  • By working with other major housing developers, we can build all their statutory affordable housing for them on each of their substantial sites. By their subsidising the land cost of the affordable housing element of their site, we are able to satisfy all their LPA/S106 affordable housing requirements, whilst they are free to produce and sell purely market value homes.
  • Working directly with the Government to utilise vacant and redundant brownfield sites.
  • Working directly with local authorities and registered housing associations to identify
    and expedite planning and delivery for development sites where 100% of affordable homes can be built.
  • Utilising government and local authority financial assistance for land purchase

All other areas of the UK.
Where there is no need of financial assistance or land subsidy.

  • Direct open market purchase of advertised suitable development land.
  • Working directly with both government and local authorities to identify privately-owned development sites that, despite permission, have failed to be developed – to put forward proposals for joint venture/purchase of
    such land.
  • Working with redundant brownfield site owners to redevelop their sites for 100% affordable housing.
  • Working with registered housing associations to deliver volume affordable housing under advance purchase contracts.
  • Working with all the major commercial land agents to identify suitable sites.
  • Joint venture/purchase of land proposals, where existing landowners of substantial development residential or commercial plots are seeking to maximise their return, will always be considered with or without existing planning permission.

Press and media

We welcome press enquiries, and can furnish you with unbiased views for your commentary pages, ready-created material including photography, as well as making our spokespeople available for interview.


The environment

In the context of the climate emergency, current standards do not go far enough to address this very urgent problem. Affordable energy efficient buildings with low energy requirements and low embodied carbon materials are paramount to contribute towards lower emissions.


A financial helping hand

Our ethos now extends to our financial assistance – arranged by Low Carbon Construction Finance – who are able to offer a vast range of residential and commercial mortgage solutions tailored to individual circumstances.