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Theresa May and the house builders – our view

Theresa May and the house builders – our view

We have read with interest the recent numerous press reports on Theresa May’s meeting with the ‘the 10 biggest developers’ where she is demanding they build more homes.

In our view, the meeting with such developers cannot possibly resolve the immediate problem that concerns the Prime Minister – that of winning over and helping the younger generation by providing housing that they can afford to buy.

The 10 biggest developers have been building homes for many years, and have an established and, in our view, restrictive and outdated method of construction that would, even if they agreed with the PM’s demands, make it impossible for them to deliver.

The other major issue, of course, is that the biggest developers make the biggest profits and we are sure they wish to keep it that way.

Unfortunately, affordable housing built in a traditional way is simply the least desirable, least profitable housing a developer can build.  Consequently, traditional developers naturally try and minimise the affordable quota on every development they undertake. Hence there is a shortage and always will be, as long as traditional developers with traditional build methods lead the way.

There needs to be a step-change to unlock this impasse between affordable housing, traditional build methods and developers’ profit.

Here at Low Carbon Construction, by using our unique Offsite/Onsite SIPs volumetric modular build system, we can – and have a mission to – deliver that change immediately and in volume.

Each volumetric home assembly factory is built on the construction site, temporarily. Consequently, demand of any size can be delivered locally in the most sustainable efficient manner possible.

Our 50+ supply partners, many of whom are household name companies, are equally committed to playing their part in providing high quality, affordable and desirable homes for young people and others on lower incomes.

The Low Carbon Construction affordable housing strategy 2018 sets out the background, detail and methodology behind the solution we are offering.

It is now up to the government, local authorities, housing associations and other stakeholders to stop talking about what to do and take action by supporting our strategy.

We will shortly be publishing our substantive list of sites which are already contracted, and held within our strategic land bank, alongside those sites which are under agreed heads of terms or anticipated to be under construction within the next six months.


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