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Technical information – supply partners

All our supply partners have their own individual technical specifications for the equipment or goods they supply to Low Carbon Construction for incorporation into our buildings.

Please see below for a brief description of the items that each of them supplies along with a downloadable PDF of the technical specification.


Structurally Insulated Panels

Hemsec SIPs

Hemsec SIPs is a UK based manufacturer of PUR Structural Insulated Panels, with over 85 Years of experience and innovation. The company is dedicated to product development and continually strives to push the barriers of SIP technology with our Residential and Commercial product ranges.



Polyurea sealing


Prokol is a waterproofing and coatings specialist and its products have thermal qualities which dramatically lower heating costs.

Exterior finishes


Alumasc Facades provide our premium facade solutions. Their tried and tested controls over product and system design, manufacture and installation add great value to our buildings.

Download technical brochure here

Aluminium guttering

Laser Metal Fabrication combines the latest in cutting edge technology with a passion for craftsmanship.

Download LMF Cyclone data sheet hereĀ 

Download LMF Descender data sheet here

Windows and doors

RFM is known for its new and innovative ideas, balancing energy efficiency and aesthetics with excellent quality.


DiscreteHeat and ThermSkirtĀ® is a new and innovative way of heating a room, replacing skirting boards and radiators in one.

Download technical brochure here

Water heating

Utilising thermodynamic principles, the Little Magic Thermodynamic Box captures energy from the air surrounding the thermodynamic panel. It transfers this energy to water within the existing cylinder to heat domestic hot water efficiently and cost-effectively .

Download technical brochure here

Fire suppression system

The unique Misting Solutions fire suppressant system uses high pressure water mist to protect your building and its contents in the event of a fire.

Download system manual here

Mechanical ventilation and heat recovery

For 80 years, Vent-Axia has set the standard for ventilation, and its products ensure your property benefits from air movement and heat recovery.

Howdens Joinery provides our range of fitted kitchens, which is the largest available from stock in the UK. Importantly, Howdens manufactures its products in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Download technical data here

Floor and wall tiles

Topps Tiles (UK) Ltd is the UK’s leading tile specialist and, from its extensive range, supplies the beautiful tiles in all our homes.


The luxury floors in all our homes are supplied by Karndean.

Download technical data sheet here


All the carpets in our homes are made in the UK at one of Cormar’s two Lancashire mills.


When you buy (or are the first to rent) one of our homes, you can select from a range of bathrooms from Victoria Plum, one of the leading names in the UK bathroom sector.

PV system

Eco greenroofs leads the way in Photovotaic Solutions; its technology is able to harness daylight and use it to generate electricity.