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A new-style partnership to reduce the pressure on house builders

A new-style partnership to reduce the pressure on house builders

Residential developers can meet affordable housing obligations with Low Carbon Construction

As the government plans its new strategy for solving the housing crisis, developers are coming under increasing pressure to deliver stock, particularly affordable homes.

As a leading volumetric house builder, here at LCC we are offering a new-style partnership enabling house builders to meet affordable
housing quotas. With a capacity to deliver 30,000 homes by 2020, our affordable housing strategy outlines our strong commitment to the UK market.

Such partnerships with developers would require us to build a minimum of 100 affordable units on any one site.

“We will purchase the land allocated to affordable homes and then build these out,” says Simon Allso. “This releases the developer from any affordable home obligations, under section 106, in relation to the site, leaving them free to develop their market value properties at their own pace.”

We would argue that the most urgent requirement is for affordable housing, and our proposal is a way of reducing the burden on the traditional housebuilder whose costs and liabilities make it a serious challenge to deliver to this part of the market.

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