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Land/joint venture

At a glance, we are...

..readily able to deliver 30,000 affordable homes.
We now require land.

We are readily able to deliver at least 30,000 affordable, sustainable, high quality homes between end 2018 and end 2021, and are now calling for parcels of min 10 acres of land/100+ individual plots on which to construct.

Whether a local authority, housing association or private builder, when an organisation allocates land to LCC, we take full responsibility for delivering 100% affordable homes. Our funding policy means that we can enter an agreement where there is no cost to our partner.

The homes are built under a unique agreement which means they are sold or rented at a flat rate regardless of where they are sited in the UK (please see below for how this works in high and normal land value areas.) The homes remain affordable in perpetuity. Thus, they are not targeted by speculators, but purchased and lived in by people who genuinely require affordable homes.

Currently we have the equivalent of 6,900 individual plots across 12 sites either under option, or at heads of terms.

We seek to have at least 50 such sites under option by the end of 2018 which gives us the starting point of 30,000 individual plots awaiting or with planning permission, leading to 10,000 homes a year delivery.

If you are responsible for delivering high quality, affordable and sustainable housing for your local community or for your building company, please call us on 02392 160085 for an initial chat, or email after which we will be pleased to arrange a meeting.

We detail more below, with regard to high value land areas and other areas in the UK.

Our mission is to provide the most affordable, sustainable, quality homes and commercial buildings possible. Within approximately 60% of the UK land prices are at a level that is affordable and within our normal land purchase parameters. However, within the remaining parts of the UK where land prices are higher we have adopted a high value land purchase strategy which involves various possible land acquisition options:

High value land areas

Where central/local government financial assistance or land subsidy is needed in order to deliver our buildings at our standard national price:

  • By working with other major housing developers, we can build all their statutory affordable housing for them on each of their substantial sites.  By their subsidising the land cost of the affordable housing element of their site, we would be able to satisfy all their LPA/S106 affordable housing requirements, whilst they would be free to produce and sell purely market value homes.
  • Working directly with government to utilise vacant and redundant brownfield sites.
  • Working directly with local authorities and Registered Housing Associations to identify and expedite planning and delivery for development sites where 100% affordable homes can be built.
  • Utilising government and local authority financial assistance for land purchase.

All other areas of the UK

Where there is no need of financial assistance or land subsidy:

  • Direct open market purchase of advertised suitable development land.
  • Working directly with both Government and local authorities to identify privately owned development sites that, despite permission, have failed to be developed – to put forward proposals for joint venture/purchase such land.
  • Working with redundant brownfield site owners to redevelop their sites for 100% affordable housing.
  • Working with registered housing associations to deliver volume affordable housing under advance purchase contracts.
  • Working with all the major commercial land agents to identify suitable sites.

Joint venture proposals, where existing land owners of substantial development residential or commercial plots are seeking to maximise their return, will always be considered with or without existing planning permission.

Developers can meet affordable housing obligations with us

As the government plans its new strategy for solving the housing crisis, we are aware that developers are coming under increasing pressure to deliver stock, particularly affordable homes.

We are offering a new-style partnership enabling house builders to meet affordable housing quotas. With a capacity to deliver 30,000 homes by 2020, our affordable housing strategy outlines our commitment to the UK market.

Such partnerships would require us to build out a minimum of 100 affordable units on any one site.

We will purchase the land allocated to affordable homes and then build these out. This releases the developer from any affordable home obligations, under section 106, in relation to the site, leaving them free to develop their market value stock at their own pace.

We would argue that for the government, the most urgent requirement is for affordable housing, and our proposal is a way of reducing the burden on the traditional housebuilder whose costs and liabilities make it a serious challenge to deliver to this part of the market.


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