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How much do you know about factory-built affordable homes?

How much do you know about factory-built affordable homes?

How much do you know about factory-built affordable homes?

Hands up all those whose idea of ‘houses built in factories’ is that they look like holiday cabins, are temporary, and are of lesser quality than traditionally-built properties?

If your hand is up, you are also probably one of the majority of people who say to us, ‘Oh, yes they are like the post-war pre-fabs’, when we start to talk about what we are doing.

It’s time to update your knowledge because our factory-built homes could not be more different.

Take a look at our pictured example, which is being constructed by our Bespoke Building department, and is available to purchase off plan in beautiful Wiltshire. This £850,000+ property will be constructed in a factory, entirely of SIPs panels. It will have the lowest carbon footprint of almost any building in the world, and will cost almost nothing to run.

Its fixtures and fittings will be of the highest quality. They include Cormar Carpets, manufactured in Lancashire mills using only the best quality yarns including pure, new wool; Karndean Design flooring, which is stunning to look at and easy to look after; Victoria Plumb bathrooms, with a selected range of expertly-designed and constructed contemporary and traditional bathrooms and Howdens Kitchens, who are providing a choice of seven inspirational kitchens.

But what will be most interesting to those of you who, like us, are passionate about providing homes to those who currently cannot afford to buy or rent one, is that thanks to the socially responsible values of our 70+ supply partners, all the materials used for this luxury home are EXACTLY the same as those we use for our affordable homes. From the suppliers already mentioned, through the high quality Hemsec SIPs panels, Vent Axia air ventilation, and  fire-protection misting system, to the exceptional solar roof tiles and Magic Box thermodynamic solar-assisted heat pump, the homes will be very comfortable indeed.

This is a socially-responsible model. So someone buying a three-bedroom house with two upstairs bathrooms and a downstairs toilet, for £179,995 or renting it for £695 per month* anywhere in the UK will, thanks to the LCC Affordable Housing Strategy and the support of our supply partners, experience the same quality living conditions as those buying a luxury house at market rate. They too, will have very small (if any) electricity bills, so they can afford to live there long-term too.  Those buying our luxury houses, tell us it is comforting to know that they are buying from ethical sources.

How are you feeling about factory-built homes now?

*2018 prices

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