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Questions about our developments

How are you able to offer the same purchase or rental price across the UK?

We are pioneers. We believe that ‘affordable’ should mean just that, and it should not matter where in the UK you happen to live or work, you should be able to have the home you deserve. Our mission is to provide the most affordable, sustainable, quality homes and commercial buildings possible throughout the whole of the UK. We are actively seeking the direct support of the Government and Local Authorities to provide assistance to aid us purchasing land in areas where land prices are higher such as the South of England and London. In about 75% of the UK however, we are able to offer consistent purchase and rental pricing without such assistance – as we are the land owner, developer and principal contractor on all our own developments, and are therefore able to re-invest part of our profit into providing the much needed financial assistance required to help our clients however we can.

How are you able to offer such a high specification as standard?

We only build quality homes and commercial buildings. Because we are the land owner, developer and principal contractor, we cut out the profit normally charged to the other large housebuilders by the companies sub-contracted to build their homes and commercial buildings for them. Some of our saved profit is re-invested in a much higher specification of our buildings both in terms of quality and sustainability.

Where are your development sites located?

We will start multiple development sites across the UK during 2018. You can discover more detailed information by making a selection from the bottom of our Residential Sites Home page or Commercial Sites Home page

How can I either purchase or rent one of your homes or commercial buildings?

Firstly, you will need to enquire by going to our contact page and choosing how you wish to get in touch. You will then need to fill out a specific rental enquiry form or purchase enquiry form and return it to us. Once we hear from you, we will be in touch to discuss your requirements and give you all the necessary detail to move you a step closer to occupying one of our homes or commercial buildings.

Are your buildings safe from fire?

Yes. We are the only national house builder offering an automatic Fire Mist Suppression System in every building we construct. All external materials used on our homes are also fire rated. For further specific information please see our technical pages. As a result, our buildings must be considered as the safest buildings you could occupy.

Do all your buildings conform to Building Standards?

Yes. In fact, all our buildings far exceed all current building standards relating to all residential and commercial buildings.

Are your buildings low cost to run?

Yes, exceptionally so. In fact, our homes need little or no heating in winter, and they remain cool in summer.  And because of the method of construction, which includes triple glazing and solar PV creating free electricity, there is also the benefit of a much-reduced energy bill to be enjoyed.

Do your buildings require as much maintenance as a traditionally constructed building?

No. Every component of our buildings has been designed to be either low maintenance or maintenance-free.

How new is your SIPs construction technology?

SIPs technology has been around for decades, initially used for commercial cold room facilities. However, it lends itself particularly well to the construction of residential and commercial buildings, because it is quicker to assemble, and provides very energy-efficient accommodation with energy costs substantially lower than those of a traditionally built structure.

What do ‘volumetric construction’ and ‘modular construction’ mean?

Volumetric and modular describe the way we manufacture a building in our production facility. We form modules that create rooms, whole floors and walkways. These transportable component parts, when assembled and fixed, then form a complete building. We can take most designs and convert them using 3D CAD technology into modular/volumetric format.

What does an onsite/offsite or offsite/onsite factory mean?

These terms are synonymous with each other, and denote our unique method of construction. Both describe how we erect a temporary assembly factory on the development site itself. This allows us to build the house or commercial building in the controlled environment of a factory, and avoid the need to transport by road the finished modular/volumetric components that make up the whole building.

How does SIPs construction reduce the running costs against a traditionally built house or commercial building?

SIPs construction reduces the running costs because of the nature of the panels’ insulation qualities, coupled with the airtightness of the construction method. These factors mean that the building requires minimal heating, ensuring a substantial reduction in energy bills. In fact, many argue that this form of construction requires no heating whatsoever.

Can I get a mortgage on your buildings?

Yes. All our buildings will be treated as ‘standard’ construction for mortgage purposes. Should you require specific clarification for your own mortgage lender, please contact Low Carbon Construction Finance Limited and they will be able to assist you further.

What building warranty will I receive?

10 years. All our residential and commercial buildings carry a 10-year insurance-backed structural defects warranty.

Can I choose the finishes, fixtures and fittings in my home?

Yes – if you are the first owner or tenant with us, and have reserved your property off plan, you can choose from a substantial range of kitchens, bathrooms, flooring and tiles. In our commercial buildings, there are no internal fittings as part of our standard product, but you are able to specify all your external finishes.

On what scale have you calculated your UK-wide flat rate home purchase prices?

We have used the Land Registry’s data for the UK

Questions about your bespoke building

Can I use my own architect to design a building that you will construct?

Yes. You can use your own architect and our SIP CAD modular design team will liaise with them. Alternatively, we can recommend an architect to you.

Is your volumetric/modular build system quicker than a traditional build and higher quality?

Yes. Whilst the building is being constructed offsite the foundations can be done onsite simultaneously. This saves a considerable amount of time. The quality of our buildings is of the highest standard and outperforms most traditional buildings on all measurable levels from thermal efficiency through to noise suppression room to room.

How much does a volumetric/modular house or commercial building cost to build?

The construction cost of our volumetric/modular SIPs buildings are broadly comparable to traditional construction. However, there is a cost benefit in quicker delivery times and weather conditions not affecting our build times because we construct in our assembly factory. This efficiency then helps us make our buildings more affordable.

How will the volumetric/modular components be delivered to site?

Our weatherproof pods are craned onto low loader lorries from our factory and craned into position at site within a matter of days.

What does your price include?

We offer two types of supply/fixed price contract for our bespoke SIP or SIP hybrid buildings. We can supply a SIP or SIP hybrid structural shell only where the price will include building design, offsite modular manufacture, transport, craneage and installation OR a complete fixed price turnkey building project which can include everything from the planning stage through to moving in.

Do you offer CPD presentations for architects?

Yes, we can offer sales presentations or CPD presentations or a combination of both.

Can you build 'high rise' blocks of apartments?

Yes. Our SIP volumetric solution is capable of high rise buildings but it is supported in a traditional manner every 6 floors with a steel transfer floor and full steel frame.

How high can you build a general block of appartments?

Our SIP volumetric solution is suitable for the construction of any building of no more than 6 stories without the need for any steel or concrete frame above 6 floors as above.

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