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We are creating individual commercial buildings and estates across the UK

About our Commercial Buildings

Whether a 100-square metre industrial unit, a car showroom, a 5-star hotel or a prestigious office headquarters, all our commercial buildings are built to the highest standards from Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs) in large format within our temperature-controlled offsite factory environment.

Whilst the physical building envelope is being made in our offsite production factory, simultaneously the foundations – consisting of piles, precast concrete beams and ‘Bison’ type concrete floor – are being completed on site.

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SIP panels being delivered to a Commercial construction site

Our production factory produces both the frame of the building and the outside wall. These are combined in one unit which is normally 3.5m x the full height of the external wall to eaves.

There is no separate frame with our buildings.  Consequently, when these complete panels are delivered to the site of the building, the walls and roof are erected in a matter of days rather than weeks, giving a completely weather-tight envelope.

SIP panels being delivered to the site on a lorry

This method of construction makes our Low Carbon Construction hybrid commercial build system not only unique, but one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly methods of construction in the world.

Because our sealed wall and roof panels are 100% constructed in this dry, controlled factory environment, they are delivered to site defect-free, fully tested and accurate.

We can deliver significantly faster to each development site than most builders. This is because we can disregard the weather, and eliminate poor workmanship and construction delays.  This efficiency enables us to produce the most advanced and complete specification possible to all our commercial buildings. It also enables us to provide the highest quality at a truly affordable purchase or rental price.


All our commercial buildings come as an externally-finished shell, with all the features and specification listed below as standard:

  • SIPs modular structure giving airtightness and fantastic thermal performance
  • Very low maintenance exterior finishes
  • Aluminium gutters and downpipes
  • Triple glazed argon-filled A-rated windows
  • Full ‘commercial standard’ fire sprinkler system
  • Magic Thermodynamic Box® solar-assisted water heating
  • Full ventilation system to ensure airflow
  • Electric vehicle charging point

Your ground-breaking commercial building will not only be affordable to rent or purchase, it will also be affordable to run.

It comes complete with solar PV and battery storage, which means the greatest benefit of all to your business.

Once you’re in your new building, you have FREE electricity, making your affordable building even more reasonable to run.

Our financial helping hand

Every business needs help at times to achieve its goals and we recognise that buying or renting a new building is a stressful and expensive thing to do unless, that is, you decide to buy or rent one of our buildings. We aim to provide our buildings to those who truly are entrepreneurial in spirit and seek to expand, or start a business that is both ethical and moral.

That’s why, when buying or renting from us you will find that you need to fill in an application form in order to reserve a plot on any of our developments, or should you request it for us to design a bespoke building for you.

Our financial ‘helping hand’ can assist you in a number of ways, depending upon your business circumstances, and is available on all of our commercial buildings on all our development sites, as well as to those seeking a bespoke
solution with us.

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