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About us

About us

Our prime objective is to provide additional affordable housing across ALL tenures within the UK, thus working towards achieving a balanced housing market.

Using our revolutionary building Offsite/Onsite™ method of SIP Volumetric House Manufacture, we are only limited in the volume of homes we can produce, by the land availability and planning approvals.

Everyone deserves the security of a safe, quality home that they can afford to heat and maintain, yet millions in the UK simply do not have this as a fundamental sanctuary. Our mission is to meet the challenge faced by first time buyers, those on low incomes, key workers, retirees and all those who struggle to established a real home that they can afford, either to rent or to purchase, by creating truly affordable, high quality, low carbon housing.

The problems are deep rooted within the entire process of providing affordable housing, from planning through slow and costly construction methods, to ‘right to buy’, which effectively removes affordable housing stock from the market.

A balanced housing market is of critical importance in creating sustainable communities and we believe it should be should be integral to all development site planning. We are pioneering in this, and anticipate that the market will follow.

The very first design sketch for a totally revolutionary building method was drawn by Simon Allso on 3rd February 2010. Acknowledging this urgent need to provide affordable housing across the United Kingdom, by 2015 we had established a viable affordable housing strategy backed by a 58-strong supply chain now at over 70. This includes major names and may be found on our supply partners page.

Our secondary objective within the strategy is to address the issue of absorption, with our commitment to develop sites that are sustainable, in new or existing communities within a balanced housing market that provides a mix of housing of different sizes, types and tenures to meet local needs.

This final phrase is key – to meet local needs. As part of the affordable housing strategy, we provide homes that are available to rent, rent-to-buy or to buy, and ensure that there is proportionate local representation of specific local need on each affordable housing development between age groups, purchasers, tenants and social classes, reflecting the percentage of each group applying for a home.

There is a deep-rooted entrepreneurial spirit of innovation both by Simon, and more recently by the Low Carbon Construction Group, to change the way both residential and commercial buildings are constructed. We use structurally insulated panels (‘SIPs’) and then assemble them into volumetric modules within an Offsite/Onsite™ factory.


So what experience have we? In 2011 Simon licensed his intellectual property to the various limited companies forming the LCC Group, and still remains very active in the design implementation, project management and development of his original unique vision of future construction methods. Simon also remains the largest shareholder and investor in the group.

From 2011 on, our Portsmouth factory produced many revolutionary milestones in delivering ever-larger bespoke residential and commercial modular SIPs buildings for many clients, in order to establish case studies and proof of concept.  Here is a news article that appeared in Homebuilding & Renovating around that time, which talks about how the offsite/modular market looked then, and how we were operating before we turned our focus onto affordable homes.

SIP panels being transported into the factory

Our ethos is founded and built on an exceptional team dedicated to service excellence and a commitment to create better living in new communities.

Our people give us that perspective; with their experience, confidence, drive and commitment to always go the extra mile.

The team strives to create more efficient, more sustainable, more intelligent homes – to create communities that don’t just function, but inspire. Their innovative designs live on as a marker in time when construction methods were changed forever.

We would love you to be part of our story and welcome you to the Low Carbon Construction ethos.

OUR ETHOS:  represents our core beliefs

We have simple core values that guide our behaviour and culture of innovation.  Our values permeate through everything we do, including our relationships with our customers, our partners, our suppliers and the communities where we work.

  • Safety first – no compromise
  • Customer focus – always deliver on our promises
  • Integrity – always doing the right thing
  • Our history – where we’ve come from
  • Create opportunity – for our team to excel and our customers to thrive
  • Value – re-invest our profits to help our customers establish a home or business


what drives us on

We champion our team.  Our people constantly aim for better, and always go that extra mile, inspiring each other and our customers.

We challenge convention, apply a ‘can do’ attitude and are committed to quality and service excellence.

We employ an open and collaborative approach with our supply partners.  This gives us a better perspective on how we can deliver cost-effective and beneficial outcomes for all on every project, no matter how complex or challenging it is.

We strive to find better ways to deliver to our customers, communities and the construction industry.

We constantly challenge the status quo; make the seemingly impossible possible, and will always do so.


To provide the most affordable, sustainable, quality homes and commercial buildings possible.

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