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First time buyers

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We will match your deposit up to 10% of the purchase price

We know how difficult it is to save for a home deposit. That’s why we are delighted to match the deposit you have, up to 10% of the value of your purchase price. Normally this will help you to gain a lower mortgage interest rate because you will have a larger deposit.  Our contribution takes the form of a ‘gifted deposit’ and is not repayable by you. You will then have to raise a mortgage for the balance of the purchase price – but we can help you with this through Low Carbon Construction Finance and even guarantee you a developer-secured loan of up to 30% of the purchase price if you fail to gain a full value mortgage.

What next?

Our homes are allocated for sale by completing a purchase enquiry form. Once we have received the form we will contact you to advise the next steps towards purchasing your new home. You may then be asked to complete a formal purchase application.

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