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Affordable homes

We are creating individual new homes and communities across the UK

About our homes

Whether a one-bedroom apartment or a five-bedroom detached house, all our homes are built to the highest standards, created using Structurally Insulated Panels (‘SIPs’).

We construct the homes in a modular form, within a temperature-controlled Offsite/Onsite™ factory. This assembly factory is always sited on the very development where your home will stand.

This method is known as the SIP Volumetric build system and it is not only unique, but one of the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly methods of construction in the world.

Because our homes are 100% constructed in this dry, controlled factory environment, they are delivered to your chosen plot defect-free, fully tested and accurate.

We can deliver some five homes per week on each development site as, apart from being able to disregard the weather, we eliminate bad workmanship and construction delays.  This efficiency helps enable us to produce the most advanced and complete specification for all our homes, which belies the truly affordable purchase or rental price.

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All our homes throughout the country come with the features and specification listed below as standard:

  • SIPs modular structure giving airtightness and fantastic thermal performance
  • Very low maintenance exterior finishes
  • Aluminium gutters and downpipes
  • Triple glazed argon-filled A-rated windows
  • ThermaSkirt™ heating, with every room individually controlled by thermostat
  • Magic Thermodynamic Box® solar assisted water heating
  • Puck fire suppression mist system in every room
  • Vent-Axia® ventilation, humidity and heat recovery system
  • Electric car charging point
  • LED downlights throughout
  • Your choice of tiles from our selected ranges
  • Your choice of flooring from our selected ranges
  • Your choice of kitchens from our selected ranges
  • Your choice of bathrooms from our selected ranges
  • No gas – so no servicing costs or breakdowns

Last, but not least – all our homes come complete with Solar PV and battery storage,
which means our biggest gift of all to you:

Once you’re in your new home, you have FREE electricity, making an affordable home also truly affordable to run.

How can we help you get a step closer to your new home?

We all need help at times to achieve our dreams.  Here at Low Carbon Construction™, we recognise that buying or renting a home is usually a very stressful and costly thing to do. That’s why, when you decide to buy or rent one of our homes, we make it as easy and affordable as possible.

We aim to help those who would love to establish a home to enjoy and cherish, and who aspire to more than just buying or renting a house.  That’s why, when buying or renting from us, you will need to fill in an application form in order to reserve a plot on any of our developments.

Unlike the majority of national house builders, our homes really are affordable.

As an example, you can buy a freehold three- bedroom, two-bathroom, 90 square metre semi-detached house for £179,995.00* or rent it for £695.00* per month.

Our prices for each house design are announced in January each year, and we will honour these set prices regardless of where they are built across the whole of the UK.

You can be assured that whether buying or renting you will be paying some 20% less than the national average.*Purchase and rental prices are correct for 2019

Financial Assistance

Our financial helping hand can assist you in a number of ways, depending upon your circumstances, and is available
on all our homes, on all our development sites, once your application to rent or buy has been approved.

Financial Assistance